Albuquerque School of Excellence received the grade “A” based on this year’s performance. New Mexico Public Education Department released school ratings for 2012-13 school year based heavily on the results of SBA tests taken by students and ASE became one of the A-rated schools in New Mexico.

Middle school students were dissecting sharks..
Graduation was great

Science Fair Winners: Explora Awards
When: Sat, May 4, 1pm – 5pm
Description: Regional 5th– 8th grade science fair Explora award winners received their awards at 1:30, then made public presentations demonstrating their winning projects. ASE Students were at Explora to receive their awards.
1st grade word surgeons are doing surgery of compound words. 4/19/13
Jeremy from Agora crisis center was at ASE talking to student on bullying prevention on April 16 2013.
We are learning Frogs in Science.