ASE Mathcounts team is competing at state level today. (3/30/2013)
Even through the rain, students learned about the new science and technology in cars today! Darin Wade of Power Ford came and revved up the newest Ford Mustang. Darin presented on how science, technology, engineering and math impacts the future technology in building cars. Students learned about new automatic parking, safety belt air bags, new engine technology and much more!
On March 7th, dietician Elle Skinner came and spoke to 7th graders about the importance of a balanced diet. Students in 7th grade are learning about healthy choices and how the foods they eat impact their education and future!
Taken from the board of 1st graders
" Flying 1st Graders"
Elementary grades are celebrating Dr. Seuss birthday this week.
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
Symmetrical Name Alien
Tony Gerlicz, Director of Options for Parents, was at ASE's session titled "Robotics at STEM Schools" at Charter school conference.
Students were sharpening their skills in math in parking Lot. Did you notice x-y axis?
ASE Mathcounts team ready for the regional Competition.
Feb 16 2013 at 8:12 a.m.